Hillam Architects is a progressive, innovative and design-orientated company dedicated to achieving excellence in architecture. Hillam has built an enviable portfolio of award-winning residential projects creating distinctive buildings which are functional, uniquely styled and designed to exceed the lifestyle expectations of clients. The firm is dedicated to design excellence founded on the belief that the quality of our built environment directly influences the quality of our lives whether in the work place, at home or the public spaces between. The pursuit of excellence embraces the physical performance of buildings as well as its connection to the site, context, culture and climate.



At Laudis, we are dedicated to providing our customers with an environmentally friendly and comfortable living space. Our success comes from years of experience, together with our commitment in customer excellence, honesty and high level of professionalism. Parallel is built and designed in response to the community’s increasing demand for quality and value-for-money properties. Parallel offers riverfront lifestyles and unique yet cost-effective living in a paramount location in the Springs Development.